Style File: Mandy Moore in NYC

Posted on October 11, 2017

Oh, Mandy. You came and you gave without taking. But you also wore a lot of really questionable looks this week, as is your way. Let’s document all the frustration, shall we?


Mandy Moore at the 24th Annual QVC Presents FFANY Shoes on Sale Gala in NYC in Adam Lippes.

Oh for God’s sake. Go home, dress. You’re drunk.

Please note the footwear and how it’s almost hilariously wrong for this dress. It will be a motif going forward.

Okay, so we’re off to a not-so-great start here. The good news is, this is the worst of the three. We got you past the bad stuff, darlings. You’re free to open your eyes and judge again.

Granted, if your eyes are closed you can’t be reading this, but just go with us on this.


Mandy Moore arrives at “The Today Show” in NYC.

This is how we always think of her style: one, maybe two good pieces that should never be paired together, along with at least one really awkward piece that throws the whole thing completely off. In a lot of ways, this is the quintessential Mandy Moore look; a bright, breezy skirt inexplicably paired with a dark turtleneck and then finished off with a hideous pair of clodhopper shoes.

To be fair, the footwear might actually work with pants, but even so; everything here does not go with everything else here.



Mandy Moore on “The Today Show” in NYC in Lela Rose.

This is the best look of the three – and we don’t even like it all that much. We’re not at all in love with the green/blue pairing here, but it’s the dress itself that bugs more than the styling. First, it just screams “spring,” making it a really odd choice for October. No one’s saying she needs to haul out her pumpkin-spiced sweaters, but everything about this says “June” to our eyes. It’s a nice enough dress on its own, but we don’t love the side-lacing.

We’ll say this about her style choices: they always give us something to talk about. She’s not well-dressed as we would use the term, but she dresses well if the goal is securing press and promotional attention.


Style Credits:
Second Look: Adam Lippes Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection
Third Look: Lela Rose Striped Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/, John Nacion Imaging/, Janet Mayer/, Courtesy of Adam Lippes, Courtesy of Lela Rose]

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