Style File: Kate Hudson Fails to Maximize Her Hair

Posted on October 18, 2017

We wanted to title this “Kate Hudson Fails to Maximize Her Head,” because it’s a bit more accurate, but it’s also quite a bit more questionable so we’re afraid you’re just gonna have to walk with us while we explain.


Kate Hudson attends Hearst Magazines’ Unbound Access MagFront in New York City in Maggie Marilyn.

It’s really very simple. Based on her entire previous red carpet history, we feel safe in saying that Miss Kate, bless her heart, has absolutely no sense of drama when it comes to public style. Her choices have always circled around “blandly generic,” and we can’t recall one truly memorable look on her style C.V.

But when you cut off all your hair and you want to wear dresses on red carpets, you’ve really got to bump up your drama game, both in the ensembles you pick and the ways in which you style them.

This gown is a big ol’ nothing, but if she came out with Elvira eye makeup and huge hoops, we bet she’d look amazing.

But the problem becomes more pronounced when she opts for a dress with a little more oomph:


Kate Hudson at the Golden Heart Awards in Michael Kors Collection.

A clean face, minimal jewelry and nude pumps with this? Oh, honey. You’re worse than we thought. Gold sandals, chandeliers and a lip so strong you can see it from orbit. This isn’t hard, dear.

As the daughter of Goldie Hawn, it’s possible she has absolutely no idea how to style herself when she’s not sporting a big blonde mane to fall back on.



Style Credits:
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[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Michael Kors]

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