Style File: Julianne Moore Knows How to Get it Done for Paris Fashion Week

Posted on October 04, 2017

Like so many of her peers, Miss Julianne spent Paris Fashion Week navigating the sometimes impossible-to-navigate style world of the house of Louis Vuitton. Funny thing about that: Since she’s so … practiced, lets say – in the art of wearing goofy shit, she came out of this whole LV hostage situation pretty much unscathed. She knows how to wear the hard-to-wear (even if she doesn’t always look great in it) and she also knows that you’ve gotta mix things up every now and then by choosing something surprisingly basic.


Julianne Moore attends Louis Vuitton’s Boutique Opening during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France.

So there’s that.

It’s fine. But we say that only because we’ve been conditioned by years of commenting on her long string of awkwardly shaped black-and-white frocks. It’s her thang, which is why this goofy dress doesn’t bug us as much as it should. At least she snagged some cute sandals this time.

But like we said, because she so often takes a walk on the ever-so-slightly wilder side of style, and because she’s been a star for decades, she innately understands that sometimes, you just gotta hot it up for the public:


Julianne Moore attends the Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France.

You go and get that shit, girl. The eyeshadow’s scary and the bodice is shaped a little weird, plus there’s random fringe, but Mama decided tonight would be for SERVING and she opted not to half-ass things. The hair is really cute. The accessories are fine, but we’d have loved a delicate gold sandal here. Still, it’s fun to see her in something so colorful and flirty.


Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Black and White Dress with Leather and Lace Detailing from the Resort 2018 Collection
Louis Vuitton Green Short-Sleeve Suede Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: ABACA/, INSTARImages, Getty Images,]

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