Style File: Jake Gyllenhaal Promotes “Stronger” at the Rome Film Festival

Posted on October 30, 2017

To be quite honest, we’re still seething and spitting nails, even though we managed to get most of our anger off our chests and out into the void, where it belongs. So in the interests of getting back to the Monday morning tradition sometimes (because it changes constantly) known as (some variation of): T Lo’s Gentle, Soothing, Aesthetically Pleasing Hour of Self-Care, we offer Jake, he of the puppy dog eyes and downy soft (we’re presuming) beard. Allow yourself to fall into his limpid pools, darlings. Alas, the beard has been severely downgraded, we’re afraid.


We have no doubt that shirt is probably worth the average mortgage payment, but it looks like thermal underwear and kinda brings the rest of the look down. We get what he’s going for, but plain white or off-white tops like this almost never photograph well on most white people.



Puppy eyes.

He sure fills out a suit nicely, but we can’t sign off on a navy blue suit with a black shirt and black tie. It just looks kind of sleazy to us. And again: it just doesn’t photograph all that well. It’s okay, but a shirt that provided a little more contrast would’ve set his face off a little more.

At any rate, please enjoy the eyes and thighs. But bring back the beard, Jake.




[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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