Style File: Blake Lively Had Herself a Day

Posted on October 17, 2017

Kittens, we should’ve known the gal who wore no less than two eye-popping outfits just for one “Good Morning America” appearance wasn’t going to spend the rest of the day resting on her laurels. Oh, no. Miss Blake is on a promo tour and that means girlfriend has more costume changes than a Cher farewell tour. We like to picture her frantically trying to shimmy into each one of these looks in the back seat of her limo as she dashed around the city all day. Not because we’re perverts, but because we love a celeb-gal who knows part of her job is to give the public a show. Joan Crawford is looking down from heaven (or wherever), Pepsi bottle in hand and a smile of approval on her face.


Blake Lively in Chanel

And yes, she can fuck up a basic Chanel houndstooth by pairing it with a brown, metallic print pump, like someone with a head injury would do. Love the jumpsuit, though. The purse looks silly in this context.



Blake Lively in Ralph Lauren

It’s literal, the footwear’s all wrong, and we hate that the coat and suit are the same glen plaid at different scales, but we’ll give her credit for going this route. It could’ve been WAY more chic than this, but she gets points for the choice.



Blake Lively in Jonathan Simkhai

Our eyes are starting to hurt from staring at this too long, but it looks like she’s wearing a coat over a skirt, over which she wore another coat briefly. And through it all, the same pair of ridiculously wrong boots for the rest of the look. Keep the footwear and the leather coat. Ditch everything else.


Blake Lively in Chanel Couture

Knowing her, this is what she wore to grab a bite to eat in the middle of the afternoon. We like to think she grabbed a hot dog or gyro off a cart and wolfed it down while wearing all this. The coat’s stunning, but we can’t say we love the gown all that much. It’s an odd set of colors and the skirt ends horrifically.

She’s poledancing so hard we figure the least we could do is help her out, especially since we had to google whatever the hell it was she’s poledancing for:






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