Sarah Jessica Parker Succumbs at the Intimissimi Store Opening

Posted on October 19, 2017

So many conflicted feelings bubbling up, darlings! You wouldn’t think an actress at a lingerie store opening would prompt such intensity, but you know us. We’re a little ridiculous about this sort of thing.

Now, see if you can guess why we’re so conflicted when we look at Sarah Jessica’s style choices for the evening:


If you guessed that we were all kinds of het up over her public bra and over-lacey dress, you would be absolutely correct. But did you also guess that we are in the position of having to begrudgingly admit that public bras and lace dresses are about as on point as you can get for a lingerie store opening? Do you understand how, after years of intoning self-importantly that “Good style is all about the right dress on the right lady in the right setting,” we are FORCED to admit that she did right? Even though we hate everything she’s wearing?

Oh, we are torn apart, kittens. Damn your bra, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Cute bag, though.



[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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