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Posted on October 20, 2017

Darlings, it’s another pod pourri of topics this week. A veritable smorgaspod, if you will.  We poured ourselves a whole bunch of cups of coffee, downed them, sat on the couch and then flipped on the mics, full of caffeine and high on our own self-importance, as per the uzh. Between the T Lo banter, the Project Runway recap, and the opening of our listener mailbag to get to YOUR questions, we managed to cover a lot of ground; such as…



Star Trek: Discovery and Tom’s rather extensive thoughts on how the critics and the Trekkers need to calm the hell down. This show is pretty good. And while there are definitely rough spots, that fact only manages to place it more firmly among the long roster of Star Trek shows, every single one of which had a rough start; most of which went on to become fine and fun sci-fi adventures. Peeps need to RELAX about this one and learn to enjoy it. There will be an extensive writeup on the first 6 episodes next week. Promise. Also: We cover why Tom has no interest in the Trek-adjacent homage, The Orville.

Also, we take ten minutes to wax rhapsodic over a show we’re fairly obsessed with at the moment, NBC’s The Good Place.

It is HIGHLY T Lo-recommended, and if you haven’t seen it and think you might want to start, we implore you to skip over that part of the podcast. This show is awesome, but we truly think the best way to experience it is to come into it cold, with no ideas about its premise or where it might lead.

Of course, we have plenty to say about last night’s Project Runway:









Opinions are spewed, not only on last night’s entries, but on each of the remaining designers and where they sit in the competition, now that we’re heading into the home stretch.

PLUS: Answers to your questions! Questions such as, “What does Tom think of the Professor Marston and the Wonder Women movie?” “Why are shoes on the red carpet always so boring and basic?” “Why does red carpet photography always look so bad?” “What does avant garde really mean, anyway?”



SO many opinions and answers, darlings! Thank you once again for all your support.



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