Pop Style Opinionfest: T Lo’s Big Gay Opinions

Posted on October 06, 2017

Darlings, Tom’s out of opioids, which means we’re BACK and filled to the brim with opinions this week – on a range of “gay brunch”-style topics. Yes, we have much to say about the Will & Grace revival, with a list of reasons why we fell out of love with the show in its later years and why we weren’t particularly thrilled to hear it was being revived. From there, we launch off into a discussion of the first two episodes; both the good and bad parts.


You’ll have to listen to hear our points, but among the “good” arguments is the fact that all four of these people remain incredibly gifted comic actors who can make a witticism land as well as a pratfall. We may have some issues with the way certain aspects of the show are being framed, but we can’t really argue with Sean Hayes working man-Spanx in a pickup bar or Megan Mullally and Debra Messing doing a fairly perfect riff on an old Lucille Ball/Vivian Vance routine.

And if that wasn’t gay enough, we took some time to GO OFF on all the drama surrounding the never-gonna-happen third Sex and the City movie. Some of those ladies need to simmer down a little. We go into just why we’re #TeamKim so hard and run down the history of the franchise, the reasons why Catrall is perfectly within her rights to not want to return, and how SJP herself had a rather large hand in taking the whole thing in a direction that seriously hasn’t aged well.

And OF COURSE we have a whole ton of things to say about the drama surrounding Project Runway, from the absolute ridiculousness of those twins to the somewhat shady accusations of cheating boiling just under the surface. If nothing else, the next week or two of the show should be incredibly juicy.

Oh, and there’s fashion:











But most of it’s not very good.





Anyway, we’re back and we couldn’t be happier for yet another opportunity to spew our thoughts into your ear. Thank you once again for all your support, dolls.


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