“Only the Brave” New York Screening Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 18, 2017

Jennifer Connelly got to share the red carpet with a bunch of hot guys who play firefighters and now we hate that bitch for having the life we should have had.

But we will tamp down on our bitterness once again in order to assess all of their looks in an objective, coldly clinical manner that will no doubt impress you all.

Or not, but let’s proceed anyway.


James Badge Dale

It’s a tiny little bit on the sleazy side, but we can’t say it doesn’t work for him. We’d recommend getting rid of the vest and switching out the conventional dress shoes with something a little more casual in order to move things away from Leisure Suit Larry.


Jennifer Connelly in Louis Vuitton

We dislike the boots and the ombre effect in the suit, but it’s a sharp, chic, modern look overall. And it’s rather impressively un-cray, considering it’s her. And Louis Vuitton.



Josh Brolin

Is it us, or is he slowly turning into Barack Obama and this is sort of the midway point of the morph?



Miles Teller

Love the suit, but the fit seems to be a bit off.



Taylor Kitsch

Drunk lawyer. Disappointing. You can do so much better, mister.

Would still do, though.




[Photo Credit: Jason Mendez/INSTARimages.com, INSTARImages]

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