Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones Team Up at the Los Angeles Dance Project Gala

Posted on October 10, 2017

Always fun when a couple of randoms are paired up on the red carpet.

For all we know, they’re great, long-time friends, but we always look at setups like these and wonder if they stopped acknowledging each other the second the cameras were off them. We’re cynical that way. We’ve seen way too many front-row-ers at Fashion Week do the huggy/air-kissy thing for the cameras and then immediately turn their backs on each other when it was over.

Still, they’re out for a good cause and each looking pretty fine, so let’s get down to the assessments.

It’s … about par for the course with her. We kind of like the ’80s party dress feel of it, but the bodice is wonky as hell on her. And we think both the neckline and the sleeves tend to bring it to a matronly place instead of the party-girl direction the skirt’s going. The bracelet’s nice, but the earrings look a little off to us. Nothing wrong with a pop-of-color accessory, but the style doesn’t pair well with the dress or even the other jewelry. They stand out a bit too much.


Honestly? Kinda love all of this. We could do without the weird shirring at the waist, which is throwing off the lines terribly, but the style and textile look great on her. If this had been more caftan-y, it could have been perfect. Love the simple gold bangle and big earrings.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Getty Images]

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