Millie Bobby Brown Brings the Sass, in Gucci on “Good Morning America”

Posted on October 31, 2017

Are you sassing us, young lady? Because this is all looking pretty sassy.

We’ve been crankily opining that the choices being made for her regarding her promotional style have been odd and off-putting because of the constant attempts to age her up into a minimalist style that simply doesn’t suit her. And the reason it doesn’t suit her is because she’s thirteen.

We get that PUH-LENTY of people will decry this look for being too mature or perhaps too sexualized for someone of her age. We’re not in 100 percent disagreement on that. But this, at least, is a style suited to someone young, simply because it’s got some swing, frilliness and whimsy to it. Granted, this might not be the best example to use, but with some minor changes in silhouette, you could’ve put a young Judy Garland in this exact look 75 years ago. The dress is simply cute – and to our way of thinking, “cute” should be the number one descriptor in her style brief.

The shoes are INSANELY cute and gaudy in a way that would naturally appeal to a 13-year-old. Again, we get that they might be considered verboten for a kid that age by many, but at least they’re fun and not coolly sophisticated. Speaking of which, they’re still styling her head like a 35-year-old.

The coat’s gorgeous but we think a bright red or even a white one would have made for a much more arresting shot.

It occurs to us she’d make a perfect Judy Garland for a biopic now, but our real hope is a Princess Leia movie.



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Gucci ‘Sylvie’ Web Stretch Jersey Dress
Gucci Satin Studded Pump

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