Mary J. Blige in Michael Kors Collection at the “Mudbound” Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on October 13, 2017

Anyone foolish enough to pay attention to us knows we tend to love Michael Kors’ stuff; especially for the red carpet, because it tends to be bold, classic and simple – all of which combine to make his designs very wearable and highly photogenic.

We are also two queens who tend to love Miss Mary J.’s diva style, of which the following is a prime example. In other words, we’ll say what Tom blurted out first thing this morning upon seeing these shots:

“It’s very Mary J. Blige.”

It’s bold, strong, declarative and all-white. In a lot of ways, a look like this could be called a Mary J. Blige classic. But we have one critique to make here, and it’s both an odd one to make regarding diva-wear and an unusual one to make regarding a Kors design:

It’s just a little overdone, no?

The shape of the pants, the heavy-duty hardware, the bigass belt and the major boobage are all coming off a little extra. We think any two, maybe three of these elements would be fine, but all four of them are turning a chic head-turner of a look into something louder and perhaps a little bit over-designed.

But we’re gonna turn the final call over to you guys. We think there’s probably more good than bad in this look, and we’re curious to see how the voting will go on this on. So once again, step up and be heard, darlings.


Mary J. Blige’s General of The Diva Army Uniform:

IN or OUT?


It occurs to us that we may have stacked the deck in her favor with that description.


Style Credits:
Michael Kors Collection White Wool-Serge Officer’s Jacket and Pleated Trousers from the Transeason 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Getty Images, Courtesy of Michael Kors]

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