Kristen Stewart Dresses Cray, Kicks Ass at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Party

Posted on October 17, 2017

Goodness, there’s so much to unpack here. We’ll get to the good stuff in a second, because the bad stuff is fairly screaming for our attention. Brace yourself, darlings, because this is some fucked-up fashion:

K? We cannot. The pants are fun in a David S. Pumpkins sort of way, but a cold-shoulder blazer IS AN UNHOLY THING THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST – especially if said cold shoulder is achieved through the magic of old pantyhose. Seriously, that jacket is the dumbest garment we’ve seen all year. Possibly even one of our Top Ten Dumbest Garments of All Time.

What we’re trying to say here is, you’re cool and all, K, but you’re not cool enough to make that silly-ass thing work. It’s so bad that we’re not even caring about the public bra.

But we have to be real here. This event is going to cause a bit of a dilemma for ol’ T Lo. Y’see, there are plenty of ladies in the content pipeline who wore good to questionable to downright disastrous ensembles to the event, as is the way of such things. But this past week has been an historic one for women in Hollywood and when said women all got together for this event, plenty of them took the mic to get some things off their chests, Miss Kristen included:

“I just want to express how thankful I am to hear what is typically a sort of like murmured pseudo-conversation because we’ve all been talking about this forever—not to make it specific, but it is, about this motherfucker,” Kristen said as the audience cheered.

“It’s just like one of those conversations we’ve all had a million times be so loud amongst people who really care about that. If I had someone close to me feel like they couldn’t be helped or were subject to that type of manipulation or torment or fear of any kind really, especially in regards to being in our realm, where we work, where we have taken very apparent strides towards something not quite equal, but somewhere hopeful for sure, I would feel sick, and do, because I know a lot of these women,” she continued.

“So kudos to those who felt hopeful enough, and comfortable enough to be caught and received and heard by those around them, that made it okay to allow themselves to feel better,” she said. “Because you need to allow yourself to feel better when you feel that bad. And it takes help and we can all be proud of that notion and perpetuate it by saying that we have got you, affirmatively.”

So… yeah. Our complaints about her blazer seem kind of pointless now. Go kick ass in your weird-ass jacket, K Stew.


Style Credits:
Antonio Berardi Floral-Print Ensemble from the Resort 2018 Collection
For Love & Lemons Bra
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

[Photo Credit: Faye Sadou/Media Punch/, INSTARImages,, Courtesy of Antonio Berardi]

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