Jessica Chastain and Sarah Jessica Parker Know When to Keep it Chic & Subdued

Posted on October 30, 2017

Jessica Chastain and Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2017 Produced By New York Conference and Educational Forum


We would feel like real assholes if we spent too much time nitpicking the outfits both of these women wore for this event. Granted, they’re in high fashion and meant to be photographed, like so many celebrity promo events, but given the nature of the venue and some of the comments they both made, we’re feeling like an obsessive focus on their hemlines right now might be missing the point.

“This weekend at the PGA’s Produced By: New York — the very same conference where Anthony Bourdain criticized longtime Harvey Weinstein collaborator Quentin Tarantino for his “life of complicity and shame and compromise” — women’s-rights champion Jessica Chastain called her former self “complicit” in another Hollywood epidemic: systematically denying women equal pay, screen time, and ownership of their work.

Seated alongside fellow actress-producer Sarah Jessica Parker, their producing partners Alison Benson and Kelly Carmichael, and PGA president Lori McCreary, the two-time Oscar nominee explained that she founded Freckle Films in February 2016 “because I was realizing that being part of the industry meant that I was a part of the problem.” She added that “we don’t acknowledge the fact that we’re complicit in our inaction — and that goes across many areas.”

Yeah. Even bitches such as we know when to shut up about poor earring choices. Having said that, kudos to them both:

Because they perfectly straddled that line between “professional/appropriate” and “just showy enough for the cameras.” Not to pit each gal against each other, but we’re much more partial to Jessica’s look. We feel like we’ve seen SJP’s a dozen times before.




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Jessica Chastain: Ralph Lauren Collection Plaid Long-Sleeve Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: NANCY RIVERA/, INSTARimages]

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