Emma Thompson Shuts it All the Hell Down

Posted on October 13, 2017

Emma Thompson at the premiere of “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)” at the BFI London Film Festival in London.


Darlings, here is Miss Emma, getting her Hillary on:

It’s not a particularly high-impact or high-fashion look (although the color looks great on her) and the bizarre shape of those shoes is really distracting, but it’s all serviceable and in line with her image and public persona, which is unfussy and unconcerned with placing too much importance on things like red carpet. In truth, we never would have given these shots their own post because there’s not much here to discuss from a fashion perspective. And besides, given her later actions this week, we’re more inclined to humbly shut our mouths for once.

We haven’t really talked about the Weinstein harassment scandal here, even though we’d have good reason to. Our readership is majority female, we write about the entertainment industry, and this scandal managed to rope in several major players in the fashion industry. We are, at the moment this post goes live, currently recording a podcast in which we give our thoughts, such as they are, on a good deal of this stuff, not because we think the world is waiting for our take, but because silence on the matter simply isn’t an option if you care about this sort of thing.

Even so, it’s the women who are rightly leading this conversation and Miss Emma, in an interview with BBC Newsnight, managed to succinctly sum the entire issue up in a crisp 11-minutes, in a manner only a woman could. This interview exploded all over social media yesterday and with good reason.

It isn’t really the place of two men to guide or privilege parts of this conversation right now. For clear and obvious reasons, this is a time for men to be quiet and let women’s voices take the floor. But if we may, the one thing that strikes as the most brilliant part of her answers here is the way she works meticulously to place Harvey Weinstein and his actions on a continuum. From “pestering” women to pedophilia (her remarks about Jimmy Savile), this isn’t “merely” about one sexual harasser, but about, as she put it, “a crisis of extreme masculinity” that is endemic to the system and to the culture. It’s deep and heady stuff from someone we could listen to all day. We know it’s easy to assume that most actors are airheads, but sometimes it’s good to have someone like Emma come along to remind us that many of them have the minds and observations of true artists who can see the world for what it is and contextualize it in concise and thoughtful ways.

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