Demi Lovato Sports a Lot of Look Out and About in NYC

Posted on October 03, 2017

Miss Demi, this kind of seems like more trouble than it’s worth:


You got the hoops, you got the clip-on, you got the gold stilettos, you got the strapless dress slit to the hip, and you’ve even got a fun and exciting new way of wearing a jean jacket (i.e., wear it like a pair of jeans on your arms). It seems to us there’s an awful lot of effort on display for comparatively little payback. This just looks like J Lo cosplay on a budget.

Any one of these items would look great, given a little room to breathe, but in terms of editing the basic look here, we’d say to keep the dress, keep the jacket (but wear it like a normal), lose the hoops, the pony and the heels. Find semi-cazh options to replace each, since they all come off a little too dressy for this look.

This is where you come in, kittens. Time to play the home version of the T Lo game. Let’s hear your recommendations for hair, earrings, and footwear. Keep it fresh.

Style Credits:
Off-White Ensemble Featuring a Denim Jacket and a Strapless Plaid Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection
Casadei Sandals

[Photo Credit: Curtis Means/ACE PICTURES/, INSTARImages, Getty Images,]

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