Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman Look like Movie Stars at the “Killing of a Sacred Deer” UK Premiere

Posted on October 13, 2017

Unfortunately, one of them is looking a bit too much like a specific movie star of olden times.


Okay, first things first: Colin, it’s time for some realtalk. You are making a grave mistake here. We did some googling to make sure, because there was a slight possibility we might have been wrong about this, but when 6-year-old pictures popped up showing you with clear gray streaks in your hair, we knew our first instincts were correct. You need to drop the bottle of dye, mister. Men with dark hair have a very short window in which they are allowed to continue dyeing the gray out of it before their face starts telling a different tale. In other words, you are right on the verge of going full-on Ronald Reagan if you don’t pump the brakes a little. The very best accompaniment to a man’s visibly aging face is a little bit of gray at the temples or streaked through the hair. The shoe-polish look only shines a light on the middle-aged face. And the worst part is, we’re pretty sure even the brows are dyed. You need to STAHP, Colin. You also need to get your pants hemmed.

Miss Lady looks like a movie star, which is what one expects from her. There’s not much to be done with a dress as sparkly and embellished as this one. Accessories need to be nearly invisible and jewelry practically non-existent. The only styling issue here is the hair, which probably should’ve been pulled up, both because the gown calls for that sort of formality and because it would help set off that beautiful bust line/sleeve embellishment.



Style Credits:
Prada Silver Metallic Embellished Gown with Off-Shoulder Straps
Berganza Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Getty Images]

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