Claire Foy Cries for Help at the AMD British Academy Britannia Awards

Posted on October 30, 2017

Far be it for us to involve ourselves in international affairs, but…

DEAR GOD, BRITISH GAYS, WHERE ARE YOU ON THIS ONE? Can’t you see this woman – this poor, pale woman who lacks a mirror, not to mention a steady hand with which to apply her makeup – needs your help? Step up, queens!

The dress would be better without the feathers, of course, but it still wouldn’t suit her. Black, white and red isn’t exactly the toughest color combo to work, but it’s really not doing her any favors. Maybe with a better-applied face she could pull this off, but right now, it just looks harsh on her. But the main story – as always with her – is the sheer tragedy of allowing a face like that; a face that is essentially on the lowest difficulty setting in re: makeup, to go out looking pale and underdone all the time. We find it impossible to believe that a professional makeup artist would send her out looking so flat and moon-faced so we assume once again that she’s DIYing her makeup. Girl, don’t. Pay someone.

And have someone do something with that Patsy Cline hair while you’re at it. You’re playing in the big leagues now. Time to start looking like it when you’re out there promoting yourself.



Style Credits:
Erdem Off-the-Shoulder Print Dress with Feather Detailing from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, INSTARimages,]

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