Chris Hemsworth Does the Bare Minimum for the “Thor: Ragnarok” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on October 11, 2017

And now, a moment with the Greater Hemsworth:


A disappointing moment, but a moment nonetheless.

You’re all touching yourselves right now and not paying any attention to the complaints of these two queens, but we’re disappointed with the suit choice, because we’d swear he’s worn this exact one a dozen times before on the red carpet. If he hasn’t, then he needs to step away from the bright blue suiting for a while. Sure, it sets off his eyes, but there are plenty of other colors for a blue-eyed blond to work. Also, he’s failing to work the tieless look well. You can check out Billy Magnussen yesterday for a primer on how to do it right, but the bottom line here is that he looks sloppy and undone.



[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, INSTARimages, Getty Images]

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