Cate Blanchett Sparkles in Gucci at the “Thor: Ragnarok” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on October 11, 2017

Given the neon-drenched palette of this film’s promotional imagery, it’s perhaps not a surprise that Miss Cate opted for an eye-searing frock for the occasion.

This was not the time for sober Oscars-poledance gownery and we suppose it was also a good idea not to show up in black, lest she look like she came in costume as her character, who’s the goddess of death. In other words, she’s threading the needle here. She’s dressed appropriately for the occasion and symbiotically with the promotional material, but she’s avoiding the trap of cosplay, which is a thing that actresses in genre projects need to be wary of. Some modern runway fashion looks pretty much indistinguishable from superhero or sci-fi costumes, so a gal with an action figure in her likeness needs to find a way to walk that line without tipping over. Cate, ever the red carpet pro, pretty much nailed it. She’s bright, bold and glittery – exactly what you want from an Oscar-winning actress when she shows up to promote her comic book movie. There’s a real sense of fun and joy here, without sacrificing a bit of her high-fashionista cred.

Having said that, while she nailed the tone of the event, there are a few technical issues here. And by that we mean “things we don’t like.” For one, the shape of the sleeves. That will never not look like a bathrobe to us. For another, the massive gathering of fabric at the waist. She can handle it, but it’s another reason for us to dislike the sleeves – there’s just too much volume occuring right at her midsection. A pair of fitted sleeves might mitigate the effect somewhat. And finally, there are the accessories. We don’t know if the navy pumps work, but we respect the choice. The necklace? Not at all. We’re all for fun, but that’s tipping over into major tacky.

Style Credits:
Gucci Yellow Sequin Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/,]

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