Cate Blanchett Tests our Resolve in Givenchy at the BFI London Film Festival

Posted on October 09, 2017

Goodness, Miss Cate. We so very want to support you as you go through this period of style evolution…

But damn, are you making it hard for us, lady.

Can we just say, before we get to the crazier stuff, that we’re not loving the red carpet trend of super-high-end black slacks that look no different from discount, off-the-rack black slacks? Nothing against OTR black slacks, since every working woman in the western hemisphere surely has at least one, if not a dozen go-to pairs, but we’re thinking if Givenchy is handing you an outfit to wear, the bottom half should at least look a little more impressive than that. From where we’re sitting, they just look like any generic pair of roomy, high-waisted work-a-day pants.

But of course they’re not the real issue here. If anything, they only stand out because of that ridiculous top, which set the cray bar fairly high. We suppose a generic pair of pants is meant to tone down some of that exuberance up top, but it just leaves the look feeling a little unbalanced or half-assed.

Don’t even get us started on how it makes her shoulders look like mountain ranges or that she’s being flocked by tiny little angry birds. It’s just weird all around.

Miss Cate, come back to us.


Style Credits: Givenchy Ensemble Featuring Black and White Ruffle Top and Matching Pants

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Getty Images]

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