Carey Mulligan Announces Her Arrival in Gucci at the “Mudbound” European Premiere

Posted on October 06, 2017

It occurs to us that we don’t even know if the following story we’re about to tell is a weird one or not. Here goes:

One Sunday, while Tom and Lorenzo were enjoying a long period of marital silence, as they each flipped through a magazine and sipped their coffee, Tom looked up and asked out of nowhere, “I wonder what happened to Carey Mulligan?” This, naturally, led to a brief discussion on her career, including the most recent entries on her C.V., and concluded with vague references to her having given birth some time in the near past as a way of explanation for her apparent absence from T Lo’s frontal lobes. And then, having exhausted the topic in the space of about 3 and a half minutes, they each returned to their sipping and flipping.

Is that weird? Has our career direction forced us into living in some sort of pop culture/fashion bubble that inevitably results in us having inane conversations?

Or are we just really gay? Probably both.

Anyway, here she is:

And she’s looking pretty thrilled with herself at the moment. You’d have to be, to be confident enough to make a big, loud dress like this one work. We don’t love it unreservedly, though. To our eyes, it’s in need of some serious editing, but we also figure the whole thing loses meaning if you tone it down too much. Sometimes, a gal wants a big, loud Gucci dress to announce her arrival. But if we had magic editing wands, we’d wave them at the silver bits and the visible zipper. They can both go. The green and gold look amazing on her. And while we have a long and vigorously expressed dislike of sheer skirts, the trompe l’oeil effect sold this one on us.

We really want magic fashion editing wands now.






Style Credits:
Gucci Green Sequin-Embellished Sheer Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection
Stephen Webster Jewelry
Francesco Russo Shoes

[Photo Credit: Gary Mitchell/IPA/, INSTARImages, Getty Images – Video Credit: Netflix via]

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