Those Stylish “Stranger Things” Kids Put On Their Best Duds for the Season 2 Premiere

Posted on October 27, 2017

Happy Stranger Things morning, kittens! Judging by our social media timeline, the release of the surprise hit’s second season on Netflix today is the culmination of five thousand years of human culture and history.

The hype. We are choking on it.

Not to harrumph all over anyone else’s happiness. We mildly loved the first season and are definitely looking forward to the second, but we remain puzzled how the show went from “Check out this fun pastiche no one saw coming” to everyone seemingly agreeing that it was the best thing to happen to TV since the remote. We’re being flippant, of course, but in the year-plus since the first season dropped, it somehow attained a legendary status we don’t think it ever really warranted.

Harrumph. Whatevs. We’ll happily devour the second season (and have a review up post haste). We’re just grumpy from all the hype.

One thing we are not grumpy about, however, are the Stranger Things Kids, who remain adorable and surprisingly well dressed:

As always, the main style story here is how each of them are dressed distinctly, yet they all fit together visually as a group.


Caleb McLaughlin

His youth lets him get away with the shorts and his personality lets him get away with the fanciful touches, like the loafers and the collar chain. He gets all the props in the world for having the verve and the nerve to step out like this. Love the combination of tuxedo-style trim and a pin-stripe.


Noah Schnapp in Balmain


It’s really embarrassing when we find ourselves coveting a child’s outfit. We could sit here and ponder what that says about our own immaturity or what that says about our culture’s tendency to “Peter Pan” men into a permanent state of adolescence, but that jacket is sweet and this tiny person does not deserve it.



Gaten Matarazzo

Y’know? We’d probably wear all of this too.

Shut up. We’re not childish. Your face is childish.


Finn Wolfhard in Prada

And then there’s Finn, dressed like a Humanities professor, bless him. We tend to think this is just a skosh too serious and classic for someone his age, but that may be partially fueled by our white-hot hatred of turtlenecks. Still, it’s all high-quality and well chosen. Just not to our tastes.


Millie Bobby Brown in Calvin Klein Collection

It’s … weird. We still think the styling choices made for her are strangely mature, with too much of a focus on promoting an image of sophistication. Personally, we wouldn’t rec a black leather mini-dress for a 13-year old, but given how basic the design is, you could funk it up or make it a little more playful with tights or kicks or fun, bright jewelry. Blossom that shit up.

Instead, they went for the same spare minimalism that frankly, comes off a bit creepy on a child. The 35-year-old’s hairstyle is definitely not helping.


Seriously. That dress is wrong.


[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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