Style File: Blake Lively Does Not Go Gentle Into – or Out of – “Good Morning America”

Posted on October 16, 2017

Miss Blake’s skills at grabbing the spotlight are either getting more pronounced or more desperate, depending on how charitable you feel like being at the moment. Since we are duty-bound to salute any ladystar who takes the bull by the horns and dresses for maximum press exposure, we must applaud the following. But don’t worry, kittens. We have plenty of criticism as well. That’s how you know it’s us.

Shall we?


Okay, so she looks like she joined some southern California cult in the ’70s,* which is not particularly fabulous in its own right, but we have to admit, this is really growing on us. Not so much for reasons of high-style. It’s just a little bit too goofy and uniform-like for us to totally get on board with the look, but it’s definitely unusual and absolutely head-turning. It’s not high style, but it’s damn good P.R., we’ll give her that.

*Alternately, you could say she looks like a backup dancer in an early ’70s variety show, which has a slightly more fabulous undertone when you look at it that way.


And then there’s her “leaving” look, which careened past “a bit much” about five miles back:

Skipping past the fact that it’s just an odd-looking dress with some really strange graphic/design choices, we’re see we’re going to have to start taking a harder line on appropriate celebrity-wear for morning chat shows. There seems to be quite the uptick in formality lately for this sort of thing. We’re at the point where celebs are wearing gowns and tuxedos while most of us are reaching for our first cup of coffee. Celebs, please. Morning chat shows are where you go to come off relatable. It’s not the time or place to be shoving sequins in people’s faces.

Man, that’s a weird dress.



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