Black Panther’s New Trailer Tells Us it Will Be the Hottest, Most Fabulous Superhero Movie Ever

Posted on October 16, 2017

You guys, we don’t know if we can add anything to the headline of this post; not when we have the following trailer to make our point for us. All we’ll say is, you better get yourself a hand fan before you click play on this one, because MERCY:





Sorry. His parts just … stood out to us for some reason. Not that the rest of it isn’t stunning to look at:


In fact, there is literally not one frame of this trailer that isn’t beautiful or eye-popping in its own way. Superhero films – especially Marvel ones – have become increasingly formulaic and tend to all look the same after a while. It’s nice to see that the historic nature of the cast of this film (not to mention their collective beauty quotient, which is through the freaking roof) is being met with an equally fresh and aesthetically stunning approach to the film making and design.

This one’s gonna be big.

Also: Bow down to your queen, Angela Bassett.


[Stills: Marvel Entertainment via, Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment via]

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