Aubrey Plaza and Billy Magnussen at the “Ingrid Goes West” BFI London Film Festival Screening

Posted on October 10, 2017

We know this movie opened a while ago here in the States, but these two look so cute. And we’re all about looking at cute people ’round these parts. Especially if they’re famous and wearing expensive clothes. Shallow? Why, thank you. We think we will.

Having said all that, her hairy flowers are freaking us out the longer we look at them. Love the color story here,but the black parts are a little creepy. Then again, creepy-pretty is kind of her thing, which makes this pretty on-brand, we suppose.


THANK YOU, Billy. This is EXACTLY how a man in a suit and dress shirt sans tie is supposed to look, if he cares at all about how he looks. This is what we’ve been asking male stars to do for years. The shirt is opaque (or he’s wearing an undershirt), only the top button is undone, the collar is standing on its own instead of spreading out across his neck and shoulders. The suit is impeccably fitted (except for the shoulders, which look weird) and largely unwrinkled with the cuffs shot and the jacket buttoned. WELL DONE, SIR. This is how you do casual-dressy. Just because you eschewed the tie doesn’t mean you should ignore everything else you’re wearing. It’s even more important when you go tieless to keep the rest of your shit tight, so to speak.





Style Credits:
Prada Yellow Feather-Embellished Dress
Christian Louboutin Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Getty Images]

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