Angelina Jolie Keeps it Cozy at the “Faces Places” Los Angeles Screening

Posted on October 12, 2017

As with Jennifer Lawrence, who made an appearance at this same event, we’re feeling a little reticent about any critiques of Miss Angie’s style choices here. She did a brave and good thing coming out with a statement describing her interactions with Harvey Weinstein. Most accounts claim that her name plus the weight of Gwyneth Paltrow’s was the tipping point to his downfall. So, good on ya, sis. We can’t be bitches now.

Especially since, just like J Law, you’re giving the impression of dressing in response to the news of the week. Jennifer sent a sort of clean-slate message with her bridal gown, whereas Angie’s wrapping herself in a cocoon – literally. The only reason this comes off deliberate to us? Her head is made up to the nines. Hair and makeup look great.

Again, we doubt that she really thinks of her style choices in such concrete and articulated terms, but she’s had a hell of a week and now she’s made the choice to put on her best face, wrap herself up, and face the cameras with a smile.



[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Getty Images]

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