2017 Hammer Museum Gala Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 17, 2017

Darlings, a whole bunch of stars wore a whole bunch of Bottega Veneta and hit the red non carpet for the hottest museum gala of the season (west coast division). We’ve singled out a few for extra judgment, but now it’s time to wrap these folks up and send them on their way, good and judged.

Shall we?


Camilla Belle

She looks pissed; like she knows she got one of the least formal or interesting dresses of the night. Sorry, gal. It’s cute, but it’s no great shakes.


Emmy Rossum

LOVE this. The clutch could’ve provided some contrast. At a more glittering type of event, we might even rec a gold one.



Evan Rachel Wood

Love it. Mostly. The hem/shoe sitch is a bit businesslike. She’s worn way more interesting suits than this.



Jessica Chastain

Cute. The pop-of-color shoe is a bit dated, but then again, it’s not the freshest look in the world. We’d have rec’d metallic pumps.



Jessica Lange

Tasteful enough, but the shoulders are shaped funny and the look is desperate for some color.



Kiersey Clemons



Rashida Jones

Love this one too, to our surprise. Again, though: the non-color is a bit drab.



Ruth Wilson

We think this might be Schiaparelli. It’s okay, but a bit overdone.



Sarah Jessica Parker

Chic. In this instance, the black really works. Love the witchy shoe choice.



Selma Blair

Her head looks fantastic. The dress is cute, but once again, we wish it had some oomph to it. A richer color and a belt would do a lot here.



Sofia Boutella

Gorgeous, but girl, that’s not your hair color.



Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan

There are so many reasons to be annoyed here, but we’ll just narrow it down to the weird fit and proportions on both of them.



Style Credits:
All guests wore Bottega Veneta

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta]

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