Trevor Noah and Olivia Munn Out and About in NYC

Posted on September 05, 2017


Further examination is required. Or at the very least, a judging of the ensembles. We don’t know if this counts as a true celebrity canoodle. Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure…


… girlfriend showed up ready for some paparazzi action. That is the exact opposite of a please-don’t-take-my-picture look. The sweater’s cute. So are the boots and the bag. As for the part we haven’t mentioned, we’ll only say this: we did a ten-second search just to see if there’s a slightly less crusty term than “Daisy Dukes” to describe what she’s wearing and goodness, you really don’t want to hear what the kids are calling them these days. Suffice it to say they look very damn silly with everything else she’s wearing; the accessories especially.

He looks okay. Presentable enough for brunch or whatever. We like the jacket.

Next, the slightly dressier date:

Well, their footwear is nice. She appears to be wearing a sheer leopard print with a heavy camo jacket. We don’t quite know what to do with that. It’s kind of objectively awful and we’re still pretty sure they dressed with the knowledge that cameras would be in the vicinity, but she’s not on a red carpet so we’re trying not to make a thing out of it. But man, are our eyelids twitching furiously right now.

He’s alright. Clingy ribbed sweaters are one of those guy items that looks great on a hanger or mannequin, but takes a little more work to pull of than you realize when you buy it. Just saying. They can get really nipply. Experience talking.




[Photo Credit:, Adam Nemser/]

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