Translating the Trends for Fall 2017: TURQUOISE

Posted on September 15, 2017

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Okay, kittens. Time to roll up your sleeves and dive into the good stuff. In our quest to provide you with Lorenzo’s takes on the latest in runway trends for this season, we showed you the velvet bags; we showed you the glitter shoes, but now it’s time to get down to brass tacks and show you the hot color of fall that’ll make for a fabulously fresh wardrobe infusion: CHARTREUSE.

Okay, no. Turquoise. We just wanted to see if you were paying attention. As you can see from the above collage, the fall 2017 runways were awash in shades ranging from aquamarine to Tiffany blue, but all falling under the general (and generally un-fall-like) TURQUOISE.

The great thing about a trend like this is that you can make buying choices that can straddle seasons. Buy a lightweight cardi, jacket or blouse in this color, and you can wear it pretty much any time of the year and never look unseasonal. For fall, it blends really well with the typical oranges, browns and blacks, but it also does well with eggplants, forest greens, and even fuchsia. It’s a more flexible color than you might think and it works equally well as a centerpiece color or just a tiny accent.

Now, you’re going to need to brace yourselves. Send Lorenzo off on a shopping trip for a hot new color and he’s gonna come back at you with enough options to drown you. We broke them down into only two categories, Clothing and Accessories, but we found that each of those categories represent the two approaches to this color. The first is about making it your main color and the second is about making it a manageable accent. Anyway, with all that foreplay out of the way, let’s get down to some shopping, dolls. First stop:





Remember to breathe.

It’s a lot, but if there’s one thing we want to make clear above everything else, it’s that the offerings in these posts are in as wide a price point as possible. Just because you clicked on a four-figure skirt doesn’t mean there isn’t a $30 option to be found here as well. And as you can see, we worked especially hard to find fun, comfy, wearable everyday pieces; first because leisure wear and casual wear are simply what most people prefer in their daily lives and we’re all about working with your preferences. Second, because we find that most people, when they’re shopping for clothes as they head into fall, tend toward comfiness first. By all means, check out the gorgeous coats and dresses and skirts Lo picked out. Getchaself that pencil skirt or party dress. But if you’re just feeling leggings and a sweater, we got you covered.

Lo’s not giving his faves here because there’s so much, at so wide a range of styles and prices, that he just can’t pick. They’re here because they’re already his faves. Have fun clicking through, because it’s all pretty cute-to-gorgeous, from where we’re sitting.

But don’t stop there, darlings! Perhaps you’d prefer something smaller and more complementary, in which case you need to check out Lo’s picks for:





Second verse, same as the first. Lo got you pumps. He got you sneaks. He got you high-end bags and cute, affordable scarves. He got you killer shades and chic wristwatches, as well as goofy socks and backpacks. And yes, just a little bit of jewelry. He opted not to get too lost in the weeds of actual turquoise pieces, since it’s the color that’s on trend right now, but even so. You can’t not include an earring or two, right?

Once again, if it’s here, it’s because Lorenzo’s keen eye saw it as your best option for upping your color game this fall.

So, feel like brightening up your days as they start getting shorter?




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