Toronto Film Festival Red Carpet Rundown: The Ladies

Posted on September 14, 2017

The leftover boys of TIFF have had their turn and now it’s time for us to catch up on the growing back log of lady-looks. Unlike the pack of bankers the boys turned out to be, this is a somewhat impressively stylish lineup of leftovers.

Ladies? Step forward, please.


Alison Brie in Wolk Morais

Low-key cute. It doesn’t photograph as well as it could, but the velvet looks great on her.



Bella Heathcote in Dolce&Gabbana

The dress is a pretty cliche. The shoes are hilariously wrong for it.



Carey Mulligan in Chanel

She just announced the birth of her second child, which you’d never know from looking at her. We’re surprised by how much personality this look has. She’s not always great about that sort of thing. But this is chic and unique. Just different enough without being hard to wear. Love the belt.



Claire Foy in Tibi

We’re surprised by how much we like this, but as with Alison Brie’s basic nothing of a dress, the velvet takes it somewhere. The color looks amazing on her. The sandals are afterthoughts. Gold strappies were the way to go.



Dianna Agron in Christian Dior

Yet ANOTHER “This would be SUCH a great dress if it wasn’t sheer” dress. We’ve hit the wall on this trend already. And the Dior boxerbriefs situation has not improved with time.



Elisabeth Moss in Rochas

Surprisingly retro, just when she was starting to show a facility with pretty modern looks. This is cute, but those proportions are pretty tough.



Ellen Page

We don’t begrudge any woman who wants to opt for menswear. We don’t even mind the literalness of this. But she’s worn this exact look dozens of times. There are so many non-girly options for wearing menswear. A plaid, a western shirt, a pair of loafers or kicks, some color – all of these are on the table for you, dear. Think about it. The Johnny Cash thing is getting played out.



Emma Thompson in Stella McCartney

She’s comfy and this clearly gets the job done for her without going overboard. Can’t say we love the fringe skirt; especially since the shoes and top don’t really do much for it.



Greta Gerwig in Giorgio Armani

The bustline’s goofy, but we like this otherwise. The pattern and colors are slightly different. The shoes, as they so often are on the red carpet, are wrong for it.



Julianne Moore in Christian Dior

We want to like this, but the shape is juvenile and a little odd.



Kristin Scott Thomas

This is really bold and striking, but it would look better if the top was opaque. Love the full red skirt and ruffled collar; like an updated Queen Elizabeth I.


Lady Gaga in Elie Saab

Pretty much classic Gaga, except she looks like she’s wearing a neck brace.



Mary J. Blige in Gucci

Not a thing wrong with that.



Ruth Wilson in Johanna Ortiz

Get the behind us, Satan. Your works here are foul.

In truth, we feel very assaulted by this.


Sarah Silverman in Galia Lahav Couture

Someone’s been getting glam injections on the regular, because she has really stepped up her game. The transition from bust to neckline is weird, though.




[Photo Credit:, Getty Images]

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