Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning on the Set of Woody Allen’s Next Movie

Posted on September 28, 2017

In line with our thoughts on Selena Gomez’s work on this film, we respect the right of Elle to make her own career choices, but cringe a little at such a young (and even younger-looking) actress working for Woody Allen, who was an amazing director at one time, but whose work has declined considerably while his personal reputation plummeted. Whatever else you might believe about him, he’s got a creepy obsession with very young women that has only gotten more pronounced as he’s aged.

Having said that, the costumes for Miss Elle are pretty great:

We didn’t think she was the type to work such a specific style as this one, but to our surprise, she looks really great in a poncho, broad-brimmed hat and yes, even a turtleneck. It’s not the freshest look in the world – and truth be told, it works better on women with at least a decade on her – but it’s a sharp, declarative look.


This is much more Elle-specific in that girly sort of way, not to mention fairly Woody Allen-specific, in that “preppy blonde” way he tends to love. She looks real-world good, but the fishnets are an odd choice.


[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/INSTARimages.com, Jose Perez/startraksphoto.com]

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