Style File: Tessa Thompson Had Some Things to Say This Week

Posted on September 19, 2017

Miss Tessa killed us dead with her shimmering rainbow gown at the Emmys, but as you can see from the above collage, girlfriend wasn’t even close to done with getting her fashion on this week. One thing you can say about her style choices: they’re not quiet and unassuming. She likes fashion that really looks like something. Unfortunately, a lot of what she sported this week looked like piles of lace.


Tessa Thompson attends the premiere of “Woodshock” in Los Angeles in Rodarte.

That is entirely too much fashion.

We wish we could say we like it, but just about the only thing we can offer in its favor is that it’s not generic. Granted, it’s far from fashion-forward or avant garde, since lace has been ubiquitous for years now, but you sure can’t call this standard.


Tessa Thompson at Audi Celebrates the 69th Emmys in Hollywood, California in Naeem Khan.

This, we love. Full stop. She looks great in these shimmery textiles and we can’t wait to see her explore more of this style when she’s poledancing for Thor: Ragnarok.


Tessa Thompson attends HBO’s Post Emmy Awards Reception in Los Angeles, California in Elie Saab.

Y’know? We’re gonna have to give her this one. Yes, it’s a sheer black lace dress with a cold-shoulder treatment, which means everything about this design has been done, done and done. But she looks great and we love the shoe choice. Can’t hate. We may have some lacial prejudices, but even we can admit when it’s working.


Tessa Thompson at Entertainment Weekly’s annual Comic-Con party in San Diego, California in Rodarte.

Yeah, alright. Even here. It’s a little overblown and a little done-and-done, but she looks really pretty. We hated the flower silliness they forced Kirsten Dunst to sport at this event, but it really works here.



[Photo Credit:, Sara De Boer/, Getty Images]

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