Style File: Salma Hayek Hits The Euro Fashion Shows in … Moderate Style

Posted on September 21, 2017

Mrs. Husband-Owns-All-of-Fashion had reason recently (i.e., Milan and London Fashion Weeks) to fling open the doors on the goodie wing of her manse in order to pick from the daily-refreshed piles of free merch found there and head on out to attend some company business.

And to perhaps no one’s surprise, the lady with access to just about anything fashion she could want, made some basic and dull choices. Darlings, we could sigh. In fact, we think we will.


Salma Hayek attends the Gucci Spring 2018 Show during Milan Fashion Week.

It’s fine. We’re not mad at it. There’s a certain uncharacteristically effortless feel to it (she tends to overdo it). In fact, we’re going to go surprise ourselves by noting that there’s nothing about this look we’d change; no element that needs correcting. Personally, we think it looks a bit too much like church clothes, and feel that, given what Dakota Johnson showed up in, she could’ve done something much more chic and photogenic than this. Again: It’s fine. Good, even. But we’re weighing her choices against the massive number of options she has.


Salma Hayek attends the Christopher Kane Spring 2018 Show during London Fashion Week.

Again: we’d never claim she looks bad here. In fact, it’s one of her better, more fun looks in a while. But it looks like the “less” look in a”GET THE LOOK FOR LESS” sidebar. That’s bitchy, we know. But again: Miss Lady’s a billionairess with the fashion world at her fingertips sitting front row at London Fashion Week. There’s a certain … expectation, shall we say.

She’s FINE. But given all the factors, we think “fine,” is setting the style bar a bit low.


[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/, Getty Images]

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