Style File: Rosario Dawson, Wild Child, at New York Fashion Week

Posted on September 15, 2017

It’s taken us some time to come around to Miss Rosario’s style, but we recently realized we were looking at it the wrong way. When you talk about celebrities who have a very New York style, you’re usually referencing a sort of moneyed boho, the likes of which is best embodied by Sarah Jessica Parker, or high-end hipster, embodied by people like Michelle Williams and Zosia Mamet, or socialite chic, embodied by your Allison Williamses. But Rosario’s style tends to reference the vast majority of New York sidewalk looks. We don’t quite mean that it’s “street” in the sometimes ethnic or race-based way that word is used in fashion. We mean she looks like a thousand New York City gals heading to her job or to a party or to a date.


Rosario Dawson attends the Anna Sui Spring 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week in New York City in Anna Sui.

And then there’s the way she tends to get into the spirit of things. Not that high kicks are all that expected during fashion week, but she’s clearly having fun with it. Neither the hat nor the boots are quite to our tastes, but the look overall is bold and fun and takes great pictures. And like we said, it all feels like her.


Rosario Dawson attends NYLON’s Rebel Fashion Party in New York City.

Come on. She’s adorable. The makeup may be way off and the skirt may be a bit much for anyone to handle, but there’s so much high-spirited New Yorkery in these shots that we propose she become the city’s next celebrity ambassador. She’s like a living “I heart NY” mug. She can just stand in Times Square, high-fiving people.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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