Style File: Olivia Munn is All Over the Map

Posted on September 20, 2017

We wouldn’t claim to know what the style protocols should be for one’s LEGO movie poledance (outside of maybe just keeping it light and unpretentious), but Miss Olivia’s clearly choosing to err on the side of covering all her bases. Or, put in a more flattering light, she’s dressing distinctly for each coast and each event.


Olivia Munn attends the premiere of “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” in Los Angeles, California in Self-Portrait.

We guess so. It really reeks of springtime. We understand why an actress on an L.A. red carpet in September might not be feeling the call of the cowl-necked, pumpkin-spiced sweater, but the overall lightness in color and weight, not to mention the extreme fussiness, just feel more like May than September to us. It’s not a bad look, but there are too many damn design elements.

Heading east, she took a more business-like approach:



Olivia Munn at “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” in New York City in Styland.

And it’s really not working for us. The pale blue of the suit is not a great color for her, and then she had to go and repeat it in the blouse and shoes. She’s just a mass of slightly off pale blues. And the rise and high waist of the pants are pretty awful, giving the whole look a slight sloppiness it absolutely can’t handle.



Style Credits:
First Look: Self-Portrait Lace Maxi Dress
Second Look: Styland Pale Blue Pantsuit

[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/,]

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