Style File: Michelle Pfeiffer Comes Into Her Own at the Venice Film Festival

Posted on September 06, 2017

Michelle Pfeiffer attends the photocall and premiere of “Mother!” during the 2017 Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.


We realize that “comes into her own” is strange phrasing to describe someone who’s right on the doorstep of being considered a legend, but hear us out. Like a lot of stars who came of age prior to 1990, she hasn’t always found it easy to do the whole modern red carpet thing. Not that her style choices were bad. In fact, she consistently makes good and interesting ones. But she’s long had this tendency to look utterly terrified and totally lacking in self-confidence in most poledancing situations. Maybe some stylist or drag queen gave her some training or maybe she’s finally figured out how to enjoy being a legendarily beautiful woman (because she never came across like someone who agreed on that front, although that may be to her credit). Whatever the case, she looks more relaxed and confident here than she has on most red carpets – and her good-to-excellent style choices may have a lot to do with that.

Not for nothing, but if this lady got work done, it’s some stunningly good work. If not, then she’s got some killer genes.


Michelle Pfeiffer in Dolce&Gabbana

D&G’s “Sicilian Widow” drag is extremely played out, and if we saw, say… Helen Mirren wearing this, we’d probably not like it as much. But it’s a slightly surprising style to see her in, and her coloring really sets the black-backed floral off. The long ruffle on the hem we could do without. The shoes are gorgeous, but we’re not sure they’re the best choice for the dress. A little focus-pulling with such a low hem.


Michelle Pfeiffer in Michael Kors Collection

This is just straight-up movie star glam and it’s something she should really do a lot more of. We get the impression her own style is much more low-key than this and we respect that, but we’re of the opinion if you can step out on a red carpet premiere looking like this, why wouldn’t you?

Check out that killer heel.



Style Credits:
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Second Look: Michael Kors Collection Dress | Tod’s Clutch | Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/IPA/, Camilla Morandi/IPA/, Getty Images]

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