Style File: Madonna in Saint Laurent and Roland Mouret, Hawking Beauty Products

Posted on September 28, 2017

Madge has herself a skincare line to sell (Which…what?) and that means she’s got some image-management to do at the same time. She’s toned down her style excesses considerably in order to go from “badass lady pop star/attention-seeker” to “sort of chic beauty maven.”

Madonna Makes an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in Saint Laurent.

Unless you’re Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, wearing shades during a talk show interview is a sign that you just may have inserted your big celebrity head up your own ass. But whatevs. It’s schtick, which is something Madonna has always known how to wield. You’ve gotta have a gimmick, and her long and admirable career was fueled in part by a long succession of them.

Anyway, this outfit is pretty spectacular. It manages to be totally Madonna, while being somewhat relatably chic. We’d bet that, unlike so many of her public ensembles, this is one that many gals would love to rock for themselves.




Next up, some classically chic Madge:



Madonna promotes her MDNA Skin Care Line in New York City in Roland Mouret.

Sure the gloves and shades are annoying affectations (and probably not the greatest optics for someone trying to sell a skincare line), but Madge gonna Madge, no matter what we or anyone else has to say about it. Besides, the dress and fisnets look fab on her. It’s striking, conventionally chic, and doesn’t remotely look like she’s trying too hard, which makes it a big style win for her, as far as we’re concerned.



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via YouTube.con]

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