Style File: Julianne Moore Continues Her Style Winning Streak at the Venice Film Festival

Posted on September 06, 2017

Julianne Moore attends the photocall and screening of “Suburbicon” during the 2017 Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.


Miss J knocked our socks off with something witchy and windblown yesterday, not just because it looked great on her, but because it was something new from a gal who’s been in something of a style rut for close to a decade now. She always took chances and made interesting choices, but she had a love of awkward black dresses with some sort of hard-to-work element paired – ad infinitum – with the same couple of pairs of black thick-strapped sandals or black platform open-toed pumps.

But we may be over-selling things here, because some of her tendencies are still on full display. Even so, each of these looks feel – and we used the same word yesterday to describe her look – fresher somehow. They’re not the totally expected Julianne Moore jawn we’ve come to expect.


Julianne Moore in Louis Vuitton

Like so. She hasn’t wandered completely off the property, but she’s doing some fun things. Sure, it’s a glittery t-shirt. To that, we say, “It’s a glittery t-shirt!” What’s not to love? And yes, there are sandals, and yes, thick black straps are in evidence, but they’re lighter! Shimmery, even!

Look, red carpet blogger-bitches such as we need to take our victories where we can get them.


Julianne Moore in Valentino Couture

We aren’t going to go so far as to say we love this, we’re afraid. The bib-like bust/bodice/skirt situation is weird (in that Julianne Moore kind of way, we suppose) and the lack of real color isn’t to her benefit. But it’s dramatic and sweeping, which isn’t usually her thing. And it feels right for the Venice Film Festival. Put it this way: It’s not our favorite look for her, but it’s slightly off her path, fits the occasion, and takes a great picture.


Style Credits:
First Look: Louis Vuitton Embroidered Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection
Second Look: Valentino Dress from the Fall 2017 Couture Collection | Chopard Jewelry

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