Style File: Jennifer Lawrence in Giambattista Valli and Dior Couture at the Venice Film Festival

Posted on September 06, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence attends the photocall and premiere of “Mother!” during the 2017 Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.


Miss Jennifer’s got herself some buzz to ride, so that means she’s back to pretending she doesn’t detest every second, if not the very concept of the red carpet. That sounds bitchy, but we don’t honestly mean it that way. She’s well within her rights to hate the poledance. If anything, we admire more those stars who go against their natural tendencies, suck it up, and get down to the dirty work of the modern promotional tour.

Or maybe we’re just feeling kind because these are the first high-fashion non-disasters we’ve seen on Miss Girl in some time.


Jennifer Lawrence in Giambattista Valli

Okay, she did snag herself two pretty fine frocks in a row, but from where we’re sitting, the equally as big story (if you care about such things) is her head styling, which is uniformly great in both looks.

This is nice, but if we’re being honest, we’re more upbeat about it because it’s better than so much of the awkward Dior output she’s sported for the last several years. After years of screaming at designers to line their dresses, we’re bemused by – and a bit resigned to the inevitability of – their newfound love of the worst linings of all: white ones. We think this would look so much better lined in black or even a subtle dark color. It’s hard for us not to look at this and see a decent lace dress over a muslin mockup.

Still, it’s pretty. The lining thing is a T Lo pref and we’re likely to get over it at some point if stylists wind up throwing thousands of them at us through awards season (minor prediction there).


Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture

This, on the other hand, is a total knockout. We freely admit that this sort of gothy, tea-stained romanticism would get a very different response out of us if Nicole Kidman (who goes there way too often) was wearing this, but part of the appeal for us is seeing Jennifer give it a go. She’s done this sort of look before, of course. You kind of can’t do high-end red carpetry in the 20-teens without taking a spin or two on the Miss Havisham merry-go-round. But this iteration happens to suit her really well and the styling is perfect for it. The slight touches of Grace Kelly were a really smart and pretty choice.






Can’t quite put our fingers on why – possibly the Aranofsky factor – but we aren’t feeling the need at all with this one; not even with Queen Michelle’s involvement. We’ll see. OnDemand rental, maybe. Or if we snag an FYC screener late in the year.

Style Credits:
First Look: Christian Dior Dress from the Spring 2017 Couture Collection
Second Look: Giambattista Valli Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Camilla Morandi/IPA/, Getty Images,, Courtesy of Giambattista Valli]

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