Sonequa Martin-Green Boldly Goes There at the “Star Trek: Discovery” Premiere

Posted on September 21, 2017

The early buzz on the first episode of this series is that it’s pretty good, which is a relief to anyone who was following the rather tumultuous road it took to get to this point. But y’know? As avid and practiced red carpet tea-leaf-readers, we think we’d have known they had a potential hit on their hands based solely on how the star of the show dressed for the premiere.

Girlfriend is NOT fooling around here:

You never saw her dress like this when she was promoting The Walking Dead. But she’s acting like a star here, which is as it should be. Better: she’s acting like a star with a hit. Confidence is the very best tool in anyone’s sales arsenal, after all.

We might not love this in other situations or on other wearers, but it’s pretty much perfect here. It’s got a slightly sci-fi bodice, a vaguely space-y skirt, and big, gorgeous hair, the likes of which should be right at home on a Star Trek ship. She looks really great.

Quibbles? Why certainly. That’s how you know it’s us: first, the sheer skirt, but we’re tired of complaining about them. Second, the makeup, which strikes us as a bit underplayed for the hair and dress. Also, some jewelry would not have been out of place here.



Style Credits:
Georges Chakra Black Gown with Floral Embroidery and a Bateau Neckline from the Fall 2017 Couture Collection

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, IMAXTree]

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