Selena Gomez in Rodarte at the #BoF500 Gala Dinner: So Close, Dear

Posted on September 12, 2017

We’ve been on a highly uncharacteristic (for us) streak of Rodarte love lately, so we were primed and ready to give this one all the compliments. Instead, both Miss Selena and the folks at Rodarte are going to have to settle for only a handful. There, there.

Now. Let’s play a game, kittens. If you know and love us, you’ll know exactly where the quibbles lie here. Shout them out as you scroll down. But if people look at you funny, don’t blame us.

Are you ready? GO:




Did you win?

But we’ll say this: she looks admirably polished and put-together. And while there are some design elements here we’re never gonna love, it’s not a bad dress. Changing the color and ditching the dust ruffle would go a long way.



Style Credits:
Rodarte Tulle Lace Floral Gown Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/, Getty Images,]

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