Rihanna Goes Girly at the “FENTY Beauty” Launch Event

Posted on September 20, 2017

Miss Ri’s CLEARLY feeling herself here, which is why we’re going to stand quietly to one side and let the pictures speak for themselves.



Okay, time’s up. What? We didn’t say we were going to keep our mouths shut permanently, darlings. Opinions must be spewed.

As we said, she’s obviously loving this, which does a lot to sell it as a look. The hair is cute and very appropriate to the dress, in the sense that both have that slightly juvenile feel to them. And we get that this style is one facet of her fashion preferences; in the sense that she has several personae she likes to cycle through and right now she’s hitting the “I feel pretty, oh so pretty” one hard, for obvious reasons. Female music stars with careers over a decade uniformly have some of the best image branding skills in the entertainment industry. From Madonna to Mariah, Janet to Beyonce, Gwen to Ri, and on and on; women who sing are required to maintain (and more importantly, evolve) their image at a relatively aggressive level in order to stay in the game. Jen and Gwyneth and Angelina can sport the same hair and dress for TWO DECADES, but any gal who shakes it in stadiums for a living is expected to freshen up on the regular. So we get why she’s working this particular look right now.

But those look like some cheapass curtains. And her love of tourniquet sandals still makes us wince a little.



Style Credits:
Custom Molly Goddard Lilac Strapless Dress
Chopard Jewelry
René Caovilla Gladiator Sandals

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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