Project Runway’s JC Penney Challenge Open Thread

Posted on September 29, 2017


Darlings, there will be no Pop Style Opinionfest podcast this week due to Tom’s aforementioned non-critical bit of surgery, which has left him far less witty than he’d like to be (Oxy’ll do that) and left poor Lorenzo completely frazzled and exhausted as he waits on him hand and foot.

But we figured you guys would need a space to talk about the ridiculosity of that cliffhanger on last night’s Project Runway. Yes, those twins are a horror show. Yes, one or both of them should go home. And yes, they are going to stretch this damn drama out for as long as they possibly can. Will they send one twin home only to have Tim Gunn swoop in and save her? Stay tuned! But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Anyway, here are some very JC Penney-like designs as well as some that would never see the light of the store’s fluorescent overheads:

Amy and Kenya



Ayana and Michael



Brandon and Kentaro



Claire and Shawn



Batani and Margarita


So congrats to Margarita! It was the right choice. The design survived the manufacturing process mostly intact:


Project Runway Challenge Winner Gingham Shirt Dress


Although they wisely (in our view) made the hem less tricky.

Anyway, these are our bare-bones non-thoughts on an episode of Project Runway we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay attention to. In other words, you guys handle this one. We feel we’ve trained you well over the years. Rip ’em to shreds, kittens.

And we’ll be back next week with our regular fabulous podcast for you. Thanks for your patience!


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime,,]

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