Sam Heughan Arrives at “The View” Sporting the Results of Our Nagging

Posted on September 08, 2017

Oh, Sam. You listened to us. And like so many who heed our words, you’ve come out all the better for it.


Now, normally when we write one of these “They listened to us” posts, it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Really. As much as we’d like to believe that everyone in the entertainment industry lives in fear of our judgment, we know it’s not remotely true. But considering every time we ever ragged on Sam for his hairstyle choices (which we’ve done a lot), a gaggle of … ardent fans wound up tagging him on twitter and bombarding him with “CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT THESE AWFUL PEOPLE SAID ABOUT YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR, JAMIE SAM?” messages … well. We still don’t believe he literally listened to us, but we’ll just note what we said the other day:

” It seems to us that he’s got fine hair and a high forehead, which tends to make for some styling issues when you’re not dressed like an 18th Century highlander. Personally, we think he’d be better brushing it down and forward instead of up and off his face…”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. And he looks a thousand times better for it. Not only is it the best his hair has ever looked out of character, but it sort of locks his look as a leading man into place. The weird lady-hair he kept sporting on the red carpet did a lot to hide the hotness. Now, we’re ready to hear arguments on the whole James Bond thing.


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