The People In New York Fashion Week’s Front Row Need to Come In for a Little Judgment

Posted on September 08, 2017

It’s FASHION WEEK, Kittens! Let’s do the second-best thing about NYFW (after the runway shows, of course): JUDGE HOW EVERYONE LOOKS!

More specifically, let’s set our sights on those harried, wide-eyed (because they’re in a dark room with a hundred flashes going on off 2 feet from their faces in most instances), celebrity-heavy front rows, yes?

Oh, and one fragrance launch, because why not?


Bella Hadid at the Bulgari ‘Goldea, The Roman Night’ Fragrance Launch

We have to admit, we’re a little surprised to see the whole Kardashia-esque “foundation garment” trend to be such a die-hard. It never really seems to go away anymore. We don’t hate this, but we feel like we’ve been seeing it since about 2009 or so pretty steadily. And those high-vamped white pumps are a bit much.



Camren Bicondova at the Tadashi Shoji Show

We’re going to have to start paying more attention to this one. She’s clearly part of the fashion fam, but she has a tendency toward some super-fussy, semi-aging looks. This is not what an 18-year-old Fashion Girl should be wearing, Camren. Go flip through the Zendaya files to get some direction.



Chloe Bennet at the Tadashi Shoji Show

She looks somewhat hilariously miserable, which makes her no different from roughly 65% of the attendees. We like it all, but it’s a bit much put together. There’s no need for those thigh-highs.


Christina Ricci at the Calvin Klein Show

Damn, girl. We were feeling “Chic ’70s Burger King Manager” until we got to the feet.



Kate Mara at the Noon by Noor Show

Awful. She’s dressed for the brand, but the top isn’t working for us at all  – and it’s as badly fitted as Caitriona’s, although that one’s much prettier and she wisely undid the buttons. Plus the mismatched greens are annoying.



Millie Bobby Brown and Paris Jackson at the Calvin Klein Show

If Milly’s got a style team, we’re starting to get really mad at them for doing so wrong by her. She’s consistently dressed in looks that are WAY too mature for her and rarely set off her looks, personality or youth. If these are all solely Milly’s choices (which honestly doesn’t seem likely), we would strongly urge her to get herself a team. There’s no reason for a 13-year-old to be dressing like this. Not because it’s over-sexualized or anything, but because it’s just all so wrong for someone that young. Minimalism and pointy-toed ankle straps? At thirteen? Nah.

That is the cutest Paris has ever looked. She’s working through some Miley issues right now, but at least her boho look is improving.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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