New York City Ballet’s 2017 Fall Fashion Gala

Posted on September 29, 2017

Darlings, a bunch of stylish New York celeb-gals (and their plus-ones) came out in their finest to support the arts. The very least we could do in response is to offer our loving, beneficial judgment of their efforts.


Keri Russell (in Johanna Ortiz) and Mathew Rhys

We’re sounding like a broken record on this point, we know, but she’s doing the Dynasty redux thing that has become incredibly popular among the red carpet set in a very short amount of time. It’s not really working for us, mainly because that style of dress just seems so unlike her.

What the hell is going on with his hair? You’re in a tux. Run a comb through it, for God’s sake.


Malin Akerman in Johanna Ortiz

Why Miss Malin. You managed not to screw this one up. Faint, back-handed praise? You betcha. But she’s got the diciest red carpet C.V. and if you give her the option of a bold, bright print, she tends to default to something really tacky. While we wouldn’t call this flawless – the neckline is annoying – it’s a fairly decent pick for her.

Can we talk about her hair and how she needs to done down the blonde a couple of notches? We feel like if she got some lowlights, she’d knock about ten years off immediately.


Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker (in Monse)

We can’t stand most car wash skirts, but we’ve gotta hand it to Sarah Jessica (not to mention Monse), this is a prety good one. We wish everything didn’t match so much, though.



Michelle Monaghan in Prabal Gurung

Newp. We keep trying to find something we like, but it’s not happening. The colors look garish together and the bust/bodice is just plain over-designed.


Rebecca Hall in Monse

This is a very silly dress. And yet, against our better judgment, we’re finding it just a little appealing on her. She’s got the right attitude and look for it, although we wish she’d done something with her hair. The dress is very similar to the one Maggie Gyllenhaal wore recently, which we LOVED, but that one didn’t have all those silly grommets on it. Take those away and this would be perfect.



[Photo Credit: Nancy Rivera/, John Nacion Imaging/,, Getty Images]

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