Margot Robbie Took Her Genre-Dressing a Bit Far at the “Goodbye Christopher Robin” London Premiere

Posted on September 21, 2017

Genre dressing: a totally T Lo-made-up term, noting that good, thoughtful movie premiere promotional style should do some work to refer to the type of film being promoted. You wouldn’t dress for your superhero movie the same way you would for your small, highly political indie film. You wouldn’t dress for your rom-com the same way you would dress for your horror flick. The “English period drama with literary undertones” film offers its own, highly specific style genre for ladystars to play around in: delicate teapot florals with with light references to either Victorian, Regency or occasionally Elizabethan style motifs.

Looking at it that way, you could say Miss Margot absolutely nailed it:

But we always say that there’s a fine line between tipping your style hat to the film you’re promoting and just showing up in a costume. This, to us, goes over that line. It’s way too literal, way too precious, and honestly, not all that chic in 2017. Attempting to edge it up with pool hair and yellow eyeshadow just makes it worse, because it comes off like a tryhard attempt to make something of this mumsy nightgown.

This exact silhouette in a bold, modern print or a deep velvet – and without the lace details – might actually work with her head-styling, but not in that granny floral.




Style Credits:
Brock Collection Doda Orchid Silk Cotton Dress with Short Puff Sleeves from the Spring 2018 Collection
Asprey Jewelry
Jimmy Choo Shoes

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, – Video Credit: Fox Searchlight UK via]

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