Kirsten Dunst in Our Favorite Rodarte Look EVER at BUILD Series in NYC

Posted on September 15, 2017

Welp. It’s official:

Apparently, we love Rodarte now.

We kept pushing it off, refusing to believe that this brand we once loved to ding keeps pushing out some really cute and stylish outfits for Miss Kiki to wear, but we gasped out loud at this one. And we all know that when the gays gasp at your outfit, it can only mean that you nailed it or that they’re horrified at how badly you bungled it. Fortunately for Kirsten, it was the former this time.

We might normally quibble about the super-matchy bag and shoes, but we tend to think an outfit as bold as this one is probably asking for a little unity in the accessorizing. Bottom line, we could suggest other options in accessories, but we doubt anything would have the impact this whole ensemble has. Really, really well done.



Style Credits:
Rodarte Poppy Printed Silk Blouse and Matching Pants
Salvatore Ferragamo Ginny Score Medium Leather Shoulder Bag
Salvatore Ferragamo Pointy Toe Flower Heel Pump

[Photo Credit: Roger Wong/,,,]

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