Kate Mara and Chloë Sevigny Bring Serious Fashion to the Saks Fifth Avenue Party

Posted on September 11, 2017

If we’re going to be total bitches here, we have to admit, our first reaction to these shots was … let’s just say we presumed any hypothetical conversations these two may have had to be … not without a certain level of pretension and self-seriousness. If we may be so bold. Just an impression.

As an aside: just this week, someone at Fashion Week told us she had an interview to do with Chloe and had to restrain herself from asking her about the Chloe alters we’ve written for her over the years; a bit of news that made us laugh, but also made us horrified/relieved that she didn’t go through with it. We pictured her holding up a Chloe post on her phone and saying “In this one, they made you into a German sex tourist!” So thank you, journalist-friend, from refraining. Let’s keep this in the fam.

And also, let’s judge:


We can’t. While the color blocking provides some interest, it’s another lace dress. Seen it. She looks pretty, though. In the face, we mean.

We will leave the jokes regarding the insanely irritating strings hanging past her hem up to you ladies. We trust you’ll know what to do with it.


We would expect no less from you, Miss Chloe. It’s vaguely goofy – and that may have more to do with the bag and shoes, which seem a little off – but the way it plays with silhouette is fun and unexpected. More importantly, it’s the kind of thing she can pull off effortlessly.

Not so much with the hair, though.





Style Credits:
Kate Mara: Valentino Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection | Tyler Ellis Clutch

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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